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"HEADS UP to Youth Sports, Concussion Training"

for ALL Coaches and Assistant Coaches

(sponsored by the CDC)


Several Volunteers have submitted this Certificate of Completion along with their PA ACT 15 Clearances.

If you have already submitted this Certificate, you DO NOT need to re-take the training.

LVGS is asking that ALL COACHES AND ASSISTANT COACHES complete this

FREE online by October 13th, 2018.


This course will help you:

          1. Understand a concussion and the potential consequences of this injury,

          2. Recognize concussion signs and symptoms and how to respond,

          3. Learn about steps for returning to activity (play and school) after a 

              concussion, and

          4. Focus on prevention and preparedness to help keep athletes safe 

              season to season.

  • The training takes approximately 30-40 minutes (depending upon the speed of your browser).
  • The training includes a Pre-Test, a series of short videos and Q&A, and a Post-Test.
  • At the conclusion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (PDF).
  • Please forward your Certificate of Completion to You will receive a confirmation email, stating that your certificate was received and recorded.
  • The Fact Sheet for Coaches and Action Plan will be provided to you in hardcopy form upon request (please email your request to, or include your request in your Certificate of Completion email. These materials are also available to you to print out yourself, should you choose to do so.)
  • If you are having difficulties taking the training course, please feel free to contact   with your questions.